Web-assisted Tele-Depth Interviews

Web assisted telephone interviews (WATI)

For both moderator and Schlesinger conducted interviews, web-assisted interviews allow the interviewer to show question prompts or other stimulus to the respondent live via the web.

Webcam TDIs

Webcam depth interviews allow the respondent and the moderator to see each other and for the interview to be recorded for later reference or to capture the voice of the customer.
Depending on the platform selected, stimulus can also be shared via the web stimulus. Respondent mark-ups can also be recorded.

Telephone interviews conducted by our team of experienced interviewers

We recruit from a carefully selected and managed panel and conduct telephone interviews according to a survey and brief provided by our clients.
Members of our interviewer team are selected for their interpersonal qualities and undergo thorough telephone interviewer training to develop and enhance their skills to manager the intricacies of telephone sampling and interviewing. Our training has particular focus on codes of conduct and respondent rights, as well as the value undertaking interviews of the highest quality.