Patient access


Patients’ choice about where and from whom they receive care is in their hands now more than ever before. To solve for access, health system and medical group leaders must look both internally at operations and externally at the market to ensure the care their organizations provide is convenient, coordinated, and seamless—or risk losing patients to local competitors.

How we help

Patient access and navigation is impacted by a host variables across the health system—from scheduling and appointment capacity, to physician productivity and facility design. Our experts work with health system leaders across the country to identify roadblocks, and develop a coordinated, cross-continuum strategy to promote a seamless patient experience, and improve access across the system.

In doing this, our experts look at areas that impact the system’s strategy and operations:


Clinical and consumer analytics

Patient satisfaction surveys

Geographic gap mapping

Network inclusion

Physical infrastructure

Virtual infrastructure



Leadership and change management

Process and operations

Practice staffing

Information systems and technology

Facility accessibility, design, and utilization

Our approach

Our services are designed with partnership in mind, and we make it our mission to arm your team with the knowledge and skills needed to maintain results and continue making progress long after our exit. A typical consulting engagement includes two phases:

We assess current operations, capabilities, resources, and care delivery structures. We work with leadership to establish a vision for patient access—dependent on the system’s goals—and create a culture that enables the vision.

When you’re ready to put the plan into action, we’re there to help with the heavy lifting. We provide the executive, operational, and clinical resources needed to supplement your team’s expertise, capacity, leadership, or all of the above. Our interim management approach allows your team to quickly and positively impact performance.