Medical staff planning


Creating the right network of physicians and advanced care providers is critical for organizations making their way from volume to value. Organizations of all sizes and structures need to be sure they have the right physician depth and breadth to achieve access, deliver quality and be cost effective.

Grounded in the organization’s strategic objectives, the Medical Staff Development Plan (MSDP) assesses both quantitatively and qualitatively the strengths and gaps within the medical staff to ensure the organization’s success. At the same time, the plan ensures compliance with the federal regulations around physician recruitment.
Customizing the approach to each client, we work through a planning process that often includes:

  • Strategic overview including plans, market position, payer expectations, patient migration and community health issues
  • Demand and supply analysis for community and organizational need
  • Mystery shopping to understand access and availability
  • Physician input to understand referral patterns and specialty gaps
  • Retirement analysis by specialty and physician contribution
  • Consumer perception studies to incorporate preferences and opportunities

The final plan defines the priorities for right-sizing the organization’s primary care and specialty physician base to maximize revenue while improving outcomes and controlling costs in the evolving ACO environment. We assess clinical workforce priorities and whether those should be achieved from within or outside the market. We bring our physician recruitment experience and include insights on specialty market dynamics, new physician expectations, practice growth strategies and search resource requirements.

Community Health Needs Assessments

Beyond the regulatory requirements for physician recruitment, not-for-profit hospitals must also comply with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act by conducting a Community Health Needs Assessment. Given that some of the planning resources and approaches are similar to the Medical Staff Development Plan, we can conduct both studies simultaneously.
Whether the Community Health Needs Assessment is done in conjunction with or separately from the Medical Staff Development Plan, our support approach is designed to help your organization qualify the health concerns within the population and prioritize those challenges to create the resulting action plan.
While customized for each client engagement, our approach commonly includes:

  • Collect and analyze input from the community by conducting interviews with stakeholders who have knowledge and expertise about the health needs of the community, including members of the medical staff. This may also include conducting consumer surveys, electronically, by telephone or both, to gain insights directly from the population.
  • Gather and analyze secondary data compiled by other agencies or organizations to quantify health status indicators, as well as demographics, socioeconomic and other environmental factors that may affect the health of the community. We then compare these to national/state benchmarks to highlight areas of concern.
  • Incorporate the findings from the most recent Medical Staff Development Plan to understand community need for physician specialties and identify any coverage gaps within the service area.
  • Synthesize the individual study components to identify the priority health care needs of the community. We then present this to the Community Health Needs Assessment team so they can identify a manageable number of priority issues and construct an action plan to be made public. If necessary, we can facilitate team deliberations to support the completion of the final plan.