Customer Mapping

Profiling / Updating
Network Mapping

Channel Mix Strategies

Channel Reach & Preference
Channel Impact
Channel Relevance
Channel Quality

Engagement Planning

Virtual Advisory Boards
Training Salesforce
Educating KOLs
Event Organizing

Digital Marketing

Effectiveness Measurement
Ingights Analysis
Digital Opiniion Leader Identification, Activation & Engagement

Performance Improvement

Performance Indicators helps quantify performance which facilitates process improvement initiatives systematically


Cloud Computing BIG DATA & IOT

BUSINESS SEGMENTATION & CUSTOMER MAPPING.Performance Improvement with Optimum Results


Open Medical Consulting is a Healthcare & Life Science Strategy Consulting firm which focuses on improving engagement, with your customers. Revenue maximisation for your brands and Companies. Open Medical partners with Biopharmaceutical, Medical device & healthcare systems to develop a market-leading strategy for long-term top performance, growth, and sustainability.

Founded in Tokyo in 2011, Open Medical Consulting focusses on Healthcare & Life Science Business. We provide insights using advanced analytics & research methods to advise and support companies that are leaders in their industries.


Our consultants evaluate data, apply analytical models, study systems, and dissect workflows to unlock opportunities to improve performance. We collaborate with BioPharma & healthcare providers to implement improved processes and create efficiencies that can withstand changes within the industry.

  • Hospital Performance Improvement
  • Key Opinion Leader Management 
  • Advanced Analytics & Research
  • Healthcare Technology Consulting
  • Training & Development
  • Clinical Data & Statistics
  • Regulatory & Compliance Support

Key differentiation has been ability to create solution tailored to individual needs understand the business needs



Current Vaccancies

Job Posting Title Location Department Date
Salesforce Developer Hyderabad, Tokyo Salesforce Developer April 7, 2017
Product Manager Hyderabad, Tokyo Product Manager April 7, 2017
Market Research Analyst Hyderabad, Tokyo Market Research Analyst April 7, 2017
Sales Consultant, Life Science Hyderabad, Tokyo Sales & Marketing April 7, 2017
Sales Specialist Hyderabad, Tokyo Sales Specialist April 7, 2017
Senior Research Analyst Hyderabad, Tokyo Health Care April 7, 2017
Python – Data Scientist Hyderabad, Tokyo Project Management January 8, 2017


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